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What to Check When Hiring a Mobile Apps Company

According to Geek Wire, the average American spends 162 minutes on their phone every day and 86% of that time is spent on mobile apps. This makes the move towards mobile apps a good choice for companies. Having an app creates a direct line of communication between customers and businesses, increases engagement, and even increases consumer loyalty. Read more

Boost Your Qi Car Charger With These 5 Tips

In this cut-throat world, the biggest apprehension of daily life is charging a mobile phone. It is very important to carry your charging cable along with an adapter when you are out from the home. Low battery notification is a huge pain especially when you are struggling for a plug to connect your phone battery via a wired charger. Read more

Best Online Mobile Apps for Everyday Use

Don’t you agree that mobile phones and smartphones are kept at an arm’s distance by individuals? Read more

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Samsung Galaxy SIII set for May launch; awaiting Release Date [updated]

Samsung has despatched special invitations to announce a new member of their “Galaxy" range of phones; the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone.
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Sony announces the Xperia Sola: Q2 release date

Sony Mobile have just announced the Sony Xperia Sola, adding to their current range of smartphones which includes the Xperia S, the Xperia P and the Xperia U.
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HTC One series announced – UK Release Date

HTC used the first day of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) to eagerly announce a new family of three phones named the HTC One series.
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung has set the standard for the rest to follow with the development of the Galaxy S7.

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Veho SAEM VBC-001 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Review

The kind folks over at recently sent us the Veho SAEM VBC-001 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit to play with.
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Uifit PadPivot Review

Today we’re reviewing the Uifit PadPivot which was recently given to us by the team at
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Latest Opinion

How Technology Will Definitely End the World, One Way or Another

Most of us don’t want to go back to a time when there was no technology. However, that doesn’t mean that technology is always beneficial. There are several discoveries that may cause significant damage to our world and the population – especially as humans don’t always take the safe or careful approach. Here are some ways that technology could lead to the end of the world: Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 – The best phone in the world?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 the best phone in the world right now? According to many of the leading tech sites, the answer would be a resounding “yes".
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Valentine’s Day – A cell phone and web infographic

If you’re in love and are not planning on losing your sweetheart after February 14, you need to put your thinking cap on and start doing some research.

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Latest Deals and Offers (US)

Massive 50%-off Memorial Day sale at ZAGG!

We have just had word from ZAGG that they will be holding a massive sale for the US’s Memorial Day with almost every product being sold at 50% off!
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Wirefly – get paid to upgrade + double data!

Wirefly are offering to pay you $30 for upgrading your standard phone to a smartphone. Plus get double data when you buy a LTE phone.

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Wirefly Specials and Deals (Feb)

Wirefly has announced some great smartphone specials and deals for February. As usual, they have given Phone Tips and Tricks the low-down. Read more

Latest Deals and Offers (UK)

20% Off at Diablo Skinz this weekend only

Looking for a skin or screen protector for your smartphone? Get in quickly because Diablo Skinz are offering 20% off this weekend only.
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Best Deals on HTC One S and HTC One X

If you’re looking for the best deals on the HTC One S or the HTC One X, then we’ve summarised them all for you here so you don’t have to shop around!
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Best iPhone 4S Deal: FREE! (UK only)

If you live in the UK and you’re looking for the best iPhone 4S deal, then Dial-a-Phone have just announced it!
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