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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 7th December 2011

Diablo Skinz have just increased their Christmas offer to a whopping 20% off skins AND a Buy 2, Get the 3rd for Half Price offer. They haven’t stopped there though as they’re still offering FREE delivery on orders over £10.

Diablo Skinz 20 per cent offRecently we confirmed that Diablo Skinz were offering 15% off to users of this site. While we do think that is awfully generous, they have just outdone themselves and are now offering 20% off until midnight on 26th December.

To take advantage of this offer, enter the code DIABLOSANTA at the checkout and you the site will apply a discount to the first skin in your basket.

Diablo Skinz are constantly adding new skins to their range, most recent of which is a range of Dr Who skins which are selling like hotcakes. They offer skins for phones, tablets, eReaders and consoles. If you are considering a console skin, then Diablo Skins are also offering a free controller skin to sweeten the deal.

Start shopping early this Christmas and get a great skin for a loved one, a friend or even yourself – head over to Diablo Skinz now!

And lastly, don’t forget to check our Christmas Gift Ideas page if you’re still stuck for ideas.


Written by: Bryan Hunter
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