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Taking total control of your business with the Ninja Mobile App

In today’s mobile world, people expect to get someone when they call. Getting no answer is frustrating. Read more

How to Hire Programmers for a Mobile Startup

In this tech age, companies are all about expanding globally and reaching larger and more diverse markets. Read more

The Current Most Popular Android Games on Google’s Play Store

Savvy Android games developers try their best to appeal to a broad audience, rather than only a niche audiences, which can limit their reach and ability to increase installs. Read more

5 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your iPhone

Apple has inarguably been one of the most consistent manufacturers of top-notch electronics in the past decade. Read more

How to remotely control any smartphone without any tech?

It usually requires loads of money, expertise and spoofing tech when someone wants to get into another person’s cell phone. Currently, the most-hyped cell phone surveillance solution is the use of stingray devices. Read more