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What You Need to Know About Optimizing Your Smartphone

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Best Ways to Make Money on the iPhone

Owning an iPhone is viewed as a prestige symbol in some parts of the world. This is understandable considering the power and features that some of the latest iPhones pack. Spending heavily to buy the latest iPhone is fine, especially when you can afford one easily. However, most iPhone users do not unlock several powerful features of their handset and waste money.

Should be own an iPhone and want to use it to the fullest potential, there are different ways and means to make money. Depending on your skills and effort, you can make considerable money on iPhone. Here we explore different ways to make money on iPhone.

Make money with apps

Since iPhones are also very popular among smartphone users, several apps can be easily downloaded from the App Store. Some of these apps help you make money on iPhone.

You can download these apps on your iPhone, create your account on these apps and start making money by doing some simple tasks.

It’s very simple to make money with these apps. You can work on tasks like completing short tasks, watching videos, rating other apps, review a product, download another app on your iPhone or even sharing something on your social accounts.

Once you reach the payment threshold, you can withdraw your payment. Some apps pay you directly in your bank account. Some pay you through PayPal and other payment methods.

If you spend a minimum of 30 minutes working on these apps, you can make $200-300 per month. More you work, more you can earn in this.

Make Videos with iPhone

Apple, the manufacturers of iPhone, are constantly adding newer and better features to cameras on their handset. Consequently, iPhone cameras have become a hit among professional and amateur videographers. They provide very high-quality videos with fantastic audio recordings too.

Use your iPhone to make videos of various events, occasions, traveling to numerous locations, dining out and other favorite topics. These can be quickly sold to small and large businesses or event organizers.

Nowadays, news channels also pay huge money for excellent quality amateur videos of unusual occurrences, unexplainable phenomenon, and tragic accidents. Such videos are also grabbed by investigators who will pay the price for the footage.

Unlock the excellent camera features to make money on iPhone. At best, you can invest a little money on buying a good tripod to carry for shooting videos.

Another way to make money on iPhone is by opening your own YouTube channel. You can post great videos shot with your iPhone on this channel about some theme or topic of your choice. Seek subscribers for this YouTube channel and popularize it through social media apps on your iPhone.

Google, the parent company of YouTube, pays you for inserting ads before, during and after your videos. Additionally, you get paid if anyone clicks on ads displayed on your YouTube channel.

Gaming for Money

An iPhone is excellent for playing online and offline games due to the powerful operating system (OS), sound and picture quality. Hence, developers tend to create games that can first be tested on iPhone. Another reason is iPhone works on the same OS while Androids have different ones that can render some devices incompatible for launching an online game.

Before the public or commercial launch of a mobile-based game, developers subject it to testing by avid gamers. There are lots of apps available on the Apple Store where you can find and test upcoming games. Companies that plan to launch these games require genuine and astute reviews about the software or product. And they are willing to pay you for the effort.

Testing games through apps is another way to make money on iPhone. Scout the App Store for apps that pay you to test upcoming games. Depending upon the complexity of the game and reviews needed by the developer, you can easily make between US$5 and US$10 within 30 minutes to an hour. You need not be a techie, professional gamer or software geek to test new games. Developers look for honest opinions from laypersons.

Develop Apps for iPhone

As we mentioned earlier, Apple is too stringent about the quality and origin of apps it permits on App Store. If you have the necessary skills, develop IOS apps for businesses. You can also offer the app making service to people outside the country. Some people that can develop IOS-based apps are fewer than those that can create for Androids. Hence, your services will be in high demand.

Mobile-based e-commerce is expected to cross the US$3.3 trillion mark worldwide by 2021. This means, any small or large enterprise serious about staying in business and making it profitable has to provide apps for clients. While many e-commerce apps are available for Android users, those for IOS are relatively fewer, due to strict standards enforced by Apple. Creating an app for e-commerce for a company or business compatible for IOS and meets Apple standards is a very lucrative business.


There are motley other ways to make money on iPhone. Utilize the excellent cameras of your iPhone to take pictures and sell them as stock photos online. Others include previewing videos, watching paid advertisements and creating designs for iPhone covers. Read the user manual of your iPhone and acquaint yourself with its features. You would surely find some features that can be utilized or used more to make money on iPhone.

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