11 Best iPhone X Back Covers & Cases that Will Make Your Phone More Stylish

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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 1st March 2019

Calling the mobiles mere an addiction is not always fair. Because nowadays, It is your personality’s attire, a luxury, your alarm clock, calculator, a fitness-freak friend, memory box, also a matching accessory to your dress many times, and much more than that, that you treasure through it.

And especially when it is about the Universally loved phones like iPhone X, whom everyone wishes to have it, it’s definitely not an addiction only, its love, luxury, and need. And you cannot go wrong with choosing to find a hugging buddy. We list you a range of best 11 iPhone X back covers and cases that will offer you most stylish and protective, scratch proof cases, added with millennial features.

Wanderlust map case cover for iPhone X

With your globally most loved phone, iPhone X, this wanderlust map case cover can be a perfect match for your device. One, due to the provider like Daily Objects who is par excellence for maintaining its craft and the uncompromising protection commitment, on the other hand, the looks with a printed world map which is conventional though but still leaving a chic and trendy piece. And this fixed w-a-n-d-e-r-l-u-s-t in small beautiful alphabetical cubes are really appealing for the style and art. Along with the obvious quality protection, strong material and lifetime warranty on printed craft make it must.

Torras ultra-thin case

This ultra-thin case by Torras seems beautiful and actually sleek like its name. surely, this will sound great to the people, like to make their phones keep in their actual shape and size. As this is too sleek to fit and too smooth to fit into your pocket directly. But yet holding a good grip. This black color is so dapper that fetches everyone’s attention.


Swarovski jeweled case

Sounds interesting right! So now Swarovski will not just bring jewelry in your mind. This case brings a shiny-jewel look in dark ice blue soothing color that sways one’s attention easily. Your iPhone X will make get pair with its snug.


Under Armour Handle-It Case

Under Armour, being known for its clothing and other fashion collection also offers you a piece that serves the specific needs of some specific people. If you are into many athletics activities or generally like the case that holds and supports the phone protectively without interruption of misadventure with your device. It comes with strong fabric handles that fit in your palm, perfectly and avoid from damage.


LOHASIC iPhone X leather slim case

Something that you cannot overlook because of its slim looks and premium looks that goes perfectly with your premium mobile to pair up smart. A Lohasic leather case is available in multiple colors with two shades mostly with a combo of gold with black or blue.


3 Peacock Feathers Case Cover

This Daily Objects peacock cover is perfect for having a unique look and that too in 3d print. This is exceptionally beautiful HD print of peacock feathers in the original colors and giving it a real look. And the tint of aqua and peacock blue on the background is so soothing. Perfect if you own a meditative and peaceful taste but yet adamant with elegance. You will get to benefit, of both the world, by Daily Objects exclusive craft and unbeatable quality with lifelong warranty.


Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case

This product from Olixar makes it worth because of its transparent looks and thin gel material. Also saves from some odd scratches but not fully capable to save from big damages. Its feasibility, brand and transparent looks make it list to buy.


TOZO Ultra Thin Hard Case

Now we don’t say but, the brand itself challenges for its thinnest hard shell with the dimension 0.35mm thickness. It is a perfect money saver if you are interested to buy the thinnest yet the stylish and elegant looking case. While it also assures the non-damage and protection.


JETech Protective Case with Kickstand

You like to watch crystal clear screen print on newly iPhone X, but always play a dangerous game with slippery hands and tough time managing to hold and watch at the same time? Please try this case made with TPU material, none-slippery with a kickstand at back for interrupting experience while watching.


ESR Marble Pattern Cover

How about having marble craft on your mobile and that too in a cool color like blue tinted with white. This enters in a different category amongst we talked by now. As the looks are appealing at the same time, Quality material- TPU, is used for a good surface. And the outer designing makes it safer for edges because of elevated borders that protect the X like a true buddy.


Totallee Thin iPhone X Case

And here you get thin iPhone X Case by Totalle, this stands different from other thin looking mobile cases. The surface looks smooth and shiny because of its smoothness. Also, seems like a perfect fit for your iPhone that it does not look like another case worn over the mobile. It is protective and available many different and worth buying colors.

We are sure this range of 11 iPhone x back covers will help you choose the one that fits perfect for your purpose and style. All of these are in quite affordable prices at online stores.

Written by: Bryan Hunter
Bryan is the founder of Phone Tips and Tricks which provides hundreds of tips, tricks and guides for smartphone users. While he isn't updating the website and blogging about phone related news, he will usually be found tinkering on his own wonder gadget.

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