About Us

“We are, and aim to always be, the most complete database of phone tips, tricks and shortcuts on the internet”

How we came about

Today’s phones are packed full of applications to help us in our daily lives. From the calendar to organise our routine, to the maps application to help us get where we’re going.

Furthermore, the operating systems that power these applications have evolved to be as intuitive and logical as possible to use – the classic example being Apple’s iOS which anyone can pick up and start using.

Many users, however, don’t realise that their phone contains loads of hidden tips, tricks, shortcuts and hacks. A very simple example is when you press and hold on certain screen objects. This action will often reveal extra menu options. If your phone has a keyboard, then there may be shortcuts like CTRL+C (to copy) and CTRL+P (to paste) that can really save you time.

While saving a second here or there might not seem that much, think how many times you pull your phone out of your pocket or handbag and repeat these tasks. It all adds up.

What’s more, it’s fun to learn these tips and share them with your friends!

How we can help you

We hope our website will help you in the following ways:
– We save you time by providing tips, tricks and shortcuts for your phone
– We try to keep our tips brief and helpful
– We provide a voting system, so the most useful tips float to the top of the page
– We list tips by operating system, so if you upgrade your OS firmware, you can still find the right tips
– We act as a searchable manual for your phone
– We help you learn about your phone
– We make using your phone more fun!

Where we’re going

The site aims to be the largest resource on the internet to list phone tips and tricks. Our goal is to list every possible tip, for every possible phone.

We encourage you to add your own tips to help other users. If your phone isn’t currently listed, you can Suggest a Phone and we’ll happily add it to the site.

We understand that as you upgrade your phone, the OS will change to a newer version. To solve this, we let you to display tips by Operating System rather than by phone.

Help us improve and spread the word

Lastly, we really welcome and encourage any feedback you have, so feel free to leave some comments below or drop us a line on our Contact Us page.

We hope you find the site useful. If you do, then please use the social network sharing buttons provided. Mention us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook and generally get the word out there.

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The Phone Tips and Tricks team.