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What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of removing the restrictions that Apple has placed on its devices, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Once a device has been Jailbroken, it's possible to download and install apps, extensions, music and themes that Apple wouldn't normally allow access to. Put simply - it provides freedom from Apple's restrictive 'walled-garden'.

In contrast to other operating systems such as Andoid, Apple keeps very tight control over the Apps allowed on its devices. If a user wants to download an App, it must be done through the iTunes store. Similarly, if a business or individual wants to create an App, then it must be checked and approved by Apple. This can often take months, or may not happen at all.

Why Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad?

The problem with Apple's approach is that their strict policy means that thousands of Apps never see the light of day, meaning users miss out on some great software. However, once you have Jailbroken your device, you will have access to thousands of these 'off-market' apps through a service called Cydia.

Another reason that people Jailbreak their device is to tweak or customise it. While Apple thinks its devices are perfect, the reality is that no phone or tablet is perfect - there is always the odd bug or designs flaw. Furthermore, one size does not always fit all and as much as people love their iDevices, sometimes they wish they behaved a little differently.

Jailbreaking will also allow you to install Apps that tweak, modify or customise certain aspects of Apple's operating system. For example Apple blocks Flash videos and animations on its devices. With a Jailbroken device though, it's possible to run Flash files with easy.

How do you Jailbreak your device?

Jailbreaking involves downloading a piece of software that opens up your operating system. There are two ways to acquire this software: one is free, but can be complex. The other costs a little, but is much safer.

If you choose the free route, then there are a number of sites available, although we would prefer not to recommend one in case it causes problems. Try Googling "free Jailbreaking" or something similar. We suggest you use these at your own risk however. You will also need to be patient, careful and read any instructions carefully. Make sure you are 100% sure the site is reliable and that the software you are downloading is the correct software and the correct version number for your device. It is quite easy to damage your phone, so be warned.

If you would rather play it safe, save yourself time (and stress) and get professional support throughout the process, then we recommend you spend a little money and get it done properly.

While researching a good Jailbreaking website, we really struggled to come up with more than one that was reputable. Ordinarily we would recommend three, then list the pros and cons of each site. However, almost every site we saw was a straight-out scam, provided vague instructions, contained a dodgy-looking payment system, or was overly-salsey; a good indication of an unsafe site.

The only one site we found which ticked all of our boxes was:

Why choose Unlockscodes.com?

There are a number of good reasons to use them. Here is a quick list:
  • Their service works on all iPhones, iPads and iPods
  • No technical knowledge is needed
  • Their customer support is the best we have come across
  • They guarantee to Jailbreak or unlock your device, or give you your money back
  • They have successfully helped thousands of Apple owners
  • Their payment system is trustworthy. Either pay by PayPal, debit card or credit card
  • Their website is not salesy and doesn't try to trick you into a purchase
  • They also provide Unlocking. See our Unlocking Guide for further information
  • Their prices are very competitive

What are the steps involved?

The service works in three simple steps:
1) Purchase and download the trusted software
2) Install the software – they provide easy, visual instructions
3) Start using your Jailbroken or Unlocked device

The whole process takes just a few minutes.

After that, their customer service department is available to answer any questions, and as mentioned above, they will return your money if you are not happy with their service.

If you're ready to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, with piece of mind that you won't break it, then you can visit the
Unlockscodes.org 's website now. Alternatively, if you have some further questions, we have tried to answer these for you with our Further Questions section.

Further Questions

Is Jailbreaking legal?
Yes - In 2010 the US Copyright Office made changes the copyright act and declared that Jailbreaking is perfectly legal. This has gone on to spawn an entire industry. Unfortunately most players in the market are untrustworthy, hence the reason why we only recommend the one company.

Can Jailbreaking void my warranty?
Apple's official line has always been a vague, "it can void your warranty" but the good news is that the process is easily reversible by restoring your device via iTunes. This is also important if you need to take your phone to the Apple Store for whatever reason.

What are the pros?
There are a number of benefits to Jailbreaking your device:
  • Gain access to thousands of themes, games, apps, tweaks and customisations that Apple normally restricts
  • Free video chat over a 3G connection (rather than just WiFi)
  • Tether your iPhone or iPad
  • Ability to view Flash animations and Flash websites
  • Watch streaming TV for free
  • Make VoIP calls
  • Video recording
  • If you Unlock at the same time, then you can use your iPhone on any network or using SIM card worldwide

What are the cons?
Like anything however, you should be aware of the potential problems with Jailbreaking your device:
  • If Apple provides an update to the operating system, you may need to Jailbreak your device again
  • Jailbreaking can increase the chance of getting a viruse. This however, is true of any open operating system. If you're careful, the chances of getting a virus are low. Read the reviews before you download!
  • Installing non-Apple-approved Apps may lead to your device becoming unstable. Again, read the reviews before you download
  • Jailbreaking can 'brick' your device. This is true if you go through an untrusted source. If you get the Jailbreaking done through the site recommended on this page, then you're in safe hands.

What happens after my iPhone or iPad is jailbroken?
Once your device has been Jailbroken, you will want to head over to
Cydia which is like an alternative App store. Once there you will be greeted with a whole new world of Apps and downloads for your newly freed device!

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