Top 3 Emulators to Play GameCube Games on Your Android Device

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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 19th June 2019

Gamecube is an old device that is still very appealing to own and use. Some of the classic games like Super Mario are simply better when played on the corresponding device. Let’s imagine a scenario in which you don’t have a Gamecube but you have an Android smartphone. Perhaps it sounds irrelevant, but it isn’t. You can play Gamecube games on your Android smartphone. All you need are the emulator and the suitable ISO file. Below are the three best GameCube Emulators for Android Smartphones.

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator is the first software of this kind for Gamecube games. It was released in 2003 for Windows, but we got Android version in 2013. Today this software is available for all major operating systems. In the case of Android, you can download it officially and start playing. Keep in mind that you will need to download the ISO files all by yourself and move them to the memory card of a smartphone.

There are a lot of reasons why this emulator is so popular. The first one is simplicity. The Dolphin Emulator is easy to use yet it is powerful. You can use cheats, appear in any region of the game and can load desired maps. It will play most of the games perfectly and it will play Wii games as well.

Mega N64

The second emulator on our list is Mega N64 and it is the most popular alternative to the first emulator from the list. The main thing you will need to remember is focused on the graphics. It will be almost the same as it was on Gamecube which help you play games in a more suitable environment.

The emulator is free to download and use, but don’t forget that it must be placed on the memory card in order to operate. Using it is very simple and there are no complicated steps. The emulator is a reliable and stable version allowing you to play games as long as needed without any distractions. We also must add that Nintendo 64 games are supported. The last but not least Mega N64 offers fast performance and will run on any Android using 2.0 version of OS or newer.


ClassicBoy isn’t an ordinary emulator. Yes, it is available for all Android smartphones and it will run perfectly without any complications. But, this emulator is extremely powerful if we can say so. It allows you to play games for Sony PlayStation 1, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and Classic NES games. In a nutshell, you can play any game for 8 different systems.

Now we must explain why this emulator is especially desirable. It allows you to use sensors of the smartphone and to map controls precisely as you like. This helps you get the best gaming experience and to play the game precisely as you want. You can use controllers as well if this isn’t something you like. We should add that the emulator will require plenty of space on the memory card and it may be a bit complicated to use the first time.


These three emulators can help you play any Gamecube game you like on your Android phone or a tablet. You will need a few minutes of your time and you will be ready to play any game. It is so simple and so effective that you must be impressed. Pick the emulator you like and start enjoying all it has to offer right now. It is easier than you may believe a few minutes ago.

Written by: Bryan Hunter
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