Boost Your Qi Car Charger With These 5 Tips

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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 27th September 2019

In this cut-throat world, the biggest apprehension of daily life is charging a mobile phone. It is very important to carry your charging cable along with an adapter when you are out from the home. Low battery notification is a huge pain especially when you are struggling for a plug to connect your phone battery via a wired charger.

Presently, it’s the time to feel glad for Qi wireless Car ChargerToday’s tech-savvy world is completely relying on wireless devices.

Qi wireless technology is widely used by iPhone and Android users. It is a universal standard which is contributing to the technology with its best features. The Qi charger is made up of high-quality components and this is the reason, it achieves so much value in the market. Additionally, it is compatible to charge multiple devices. Nowadays, newly launched car models are enjoying a special privilege and that’s an in-built wireless charger. It is fixed in front of the changing column. 

Wireless Phone Charger for Car is a simple charging mat and in this case, you just need to drop your phone on this charging pad to get back the life of your Smartphone. Unfortunately, sometimes we skip the right way to charge a battery so here are 5 tips that will help you to boost the wireless charging.

  • The charging is feasible when a charger and phone come in connect with each other in between the electromagnetic field. Based on EMF principle, the transmitter coil presents in charger transfers the electrical signals to the receiver coil exists at the back of your phone to make your phone battery green: Indicate the charging is initiated. So it is very important to place the phone in between the field.
  • Some masses have the habit to use the phone when it is placed on a charging pad, avoid doing so and you will observe the effective charging of Qi charger.
  • For efficient charging better to turn on airplane mode of your smart device. It restricts incoming calls so that a battery gets easy charging. 
  • Plug in the wireless charger with effective power supply in order to avoid any issue when you are carrying it outside the home.
  • Sometimes you are taking care of all the rules but still having a problem in charging. In this situation, avoid phone case because the metal can restrict the signals to flow between Tx and Rx coils. Remove the case and again place it on a charging mat. 

 By following the above tips, charging efficiency can be improved. And Qi charger can make things appropriate for you with its special features such as:

Freedom from wires/cables:

If you don’t want to resolve puzzle or tangle of wires or cables, go with wireless charging. With this effective perk, there is no need to look for a cable to make your phone battery charge.

No wear and tear: 

The wireless technology is allowing you to get rid of all the plugging and unplugging problems. As a result, there will be no wear and tear of the hardware and you can enjoy the high durability of your phone and charger as well. 


The portable charger is easy to adjust in handbag whereas in case of wired charger you have to be a little conscious and need to pack it carefully so that wire remains in stable condition.

 At last, a wireless charger is the best option especially for those who hate to untangle the wires. Apart from its special traits, it gives a push to your lifestyle and daily needs. 

Written by: Bryan Hunter
Bryan is the founder of Phone Tips and Tricks which provides hundreds of tips, tricks and guides for smartphone users. While he isn't updating the website and blogging about phone related news, he will usually be found tinkering on his own wonder gadget.

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