Battery Saving Tips

Long screen timeouts mean that your screen will stay lit for longer after you have stopped using it. Set this to a low value to save battery power

If you’re in an area with a low signal, the phone will boost it’s signal power, consuming battery. If possible, avoid these areas.

Don’t ever let the metal contacts on the battery touch metal objects, like keys or coins. This can short circuit the battery, impairing its performance

Exposing the battery to excessive heat can damage the battery performance permanently, especially if the battery is 100% full and exposed to direct sunlight or heat

Avoid using task or process killers as they often cause more harm than good

Applications that are poorly coded or designed can often consume more battery than they should. Be careful when selecting different applications that do the same job. Generally speaking an application made by a larger company will have more battery efficient code than an application made by a one-man-band

Third party batteries can often provide more battery power than the manufacturer ones. Warning: this can often void your warranty, so use at your own risk

If you receive a lot of messages or calls, change the notification to a short vibrate instead of long or loud ringtones

If you have a long list of email accounts that your device regularly checks, consider removing some accounts. For every account that the phone checks it is will be using battery life

Most phones will manage applications that are running in the background, but this isn’t always the case. If you’re not using an application, close it to avoid unecessary battery consumption


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