Battery Saving Tips

Widgets that are constantly running on the homescreen/s consume battery power. If you don’t use them much, consider turning them off or removing them

The little tones the phone makes when you press the keys will consume battery power. Unless you need them, consider switching them off. People around you will also appreciate it.

When you don’t need to use the internet on your phone, disconnect the 3G or WiFi connection to the internet

Themes or wallpapers that contain animations that are constantly ‘doing something’ will consume battery power. Consider not using these

For lithium based batteries it is recommend that once per month you should use all the power in your battery, then charge it completely before unplugging the charger

3G is much more energy efficient than EDGE so if you have the option, choose 3G

When changing batteries or buying a new one, don’t touch the copper contact plates. Dust or oily skin can lessen the connection between the battery and the phone, impairing performance. Also, do not drop or bang the battery against an solid objects

If you are in an area where there is no signal (eg in a basement, subway tunnel) turn the phone to offline mode. Otherwise it will continually scan for a signal

Don’t wait for the screen to automatically turn itself off as this will consume battery power. Once you’re done sending a text or making a call, immediately lock your keypad and/or screen

Reduce your touchscreen sensitivity. The more sensitive the screen is, the more battery it will use