Battery Saving Tips

If you notice the battery is losing power between charging cycles, it may be near the end of it’s lifetime. Usually batteries are quite cheap, so consider replacing it with a new manufacturer branded one

If your email program is set to real-time, it will be constantly checking for emails. Consider changing this to manual

Disable any social media feeds. These feeds are always checking the internet for new updates, which consumes battery. If you need to use social media feeds, set the update frequency to a less regular time period

Lithium-Ion batteries are damaged by allowing the battery to be completely discharged. Most phones power the phone down before it gets to this stage, but storing a battery while almost fully drained may mean it loses it’s remaining charge. If you need to store your battery, charge it first

If you’ll be away from civilisation for a few days and won’t have access to a charger, consider buying and carrying a spare battery or two

Making calls uses a large amount of battery power. If you’re concerned about running out of battery, keep the calls short

Screen brightness is one of the major killers of batter power. If you don’t need it bright, turn it down

If you’re not using your GPS or Maps software, turn the GPS off

Location services often transmit or receive a signal to identify your location. This can consume considerable battery power. If you don’t need these services, disable them or turn them off

Turn off any indexing programs (eg Music indexing, photo indexing etc) that run in the background