Battery Saving Tips

Unless you need to use the camera flash, turn it off. This consumes a lot of battery power when used

Unless you need it, turn off the vibrate mode. This will often apply to the General profile where a ringtone will indicate a call more than a vibrate

WiFi and Bluetooth consume considerable battery power. If you’re not using them, then them off

Always power your phone down before removing the battery. Failing to do this may lead to damage to the battery

Uninstall any applications you don’t use (especially Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AIM etc that may run in the background)

When new firmware is available, update it. New versions often include improvements in battery optimisation

Games that require 3D rendering use more of the graphics processor, which will drain your battery more quickly. If you are running low on battery and need to play a game, try chosing one with simple graphics

Bright colours can consume more battery power than light colours. Consider changing your background to one with dark colours

Power control apps will help you identify what applications are using the most battery power and can also help to optimise the phone’s battery consumption

If you’re running low on battery power and don’t need to make a call, use the internet or send a message, you can switch the phone to an offline mode to save power until you can get to a charger