How to remotely control any smartphone without any tech?

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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 1st September 2018

It usually requires loads of money, expertise and spoofing tech when someone wants to get into another person’s cell phone. Currently, the most-hyped cell phone surveillance solution is the use of stingray devices. phone-image These devices mess up with the wireless carrier cell tower, mimicking the signals and forcing all other nearby cellular data devices to connect to it. Once in active mode, it can do everything nasty thing you can possibly think of. Extraction of stored data, encryption keys, real-time interception of content, radio jamming, etc. are a few insidious things one can do using a stingray device.

If you are the I-support-privacy-rights person, this article is going to, kind of, offend you. No, seriously. We are discussing spoofing and stingray devices; plus, we are also going to closely look into how a cell phone can be remotely controlled without any tech. So, if you aren’t really an I-want-to-know-it-all person, you may just want to skip reading this.

Coming back to Stingray surveillance, it’s not something that a salaried person, a jealous spouse or an office could get their hands on. Not just are they illegal to use but pretty expensive too. The very basic stingray devices could cost as much as USD 400,000 with basic configuration. In fact, even if you are filthy rich, you can’t just get hold of these devices; obviously, unless and until you are some freak and already do all such precarious business.

Now, coming down to how someone can remotely control a smartphone without any tech, I’ll be telling you how you could do that in just under 5 minutes.

How to remotely control any smartphone without any tech
The solution that I have for “remotely controlling a smartphone without the use of any gadget or expensive tech” is unheard of by the most. You may have already been familiar with “spyware" and “phone monitoring apps" that let you take access to stored data on a phone. But some of these very few apps offer extra features like remotely controlling a smartphone and that’s the kind of software you will get to know about today in this article.

So how do you do it? You start off by downloading a phone monitoring app called Xnspy. This app is available on Xnspy’s official website only, because obviously, Google or Apple won’t love having what’s known as a “phone monitoring app" on their official app stores. Xnspy is a paid app; just to let you know.
1.    Download Xnspy on a smartphone
Here, I’ll be sharing how the download and installation works. Because the app is not available on the official app stores, it’s not as simple as tapping the download icon on your phone’s screen.

For Android: Because Android devices let you download apps from third-party app stores, it’s a good news. Once you have subscribed to Xnspy, you’ll receive a download URL in your email that you only have to run on the target smartphone; the one that you want to control remotely. The rest of the installation process is also simple. You’ll be asked to give a few permissions to the app, so it could then do the desired job of remotely handling the smartphone. It’s more of a next-next thing. I could go step by step but it’s very much intuitive to download an app.

For iOS: It’s a lot quirky when it comes to downloading a phone monitoring app on iOS devices because third-party app downloads are not entertained. We all know that jailbreaking was the only solution to download apps outside the App Store on iOS or for customizing it. But with the last few iOS updates, the jailbreak is kind of dead now. With Xnspy, you could still download an app on an older iPhone/iPads that are jailbroken. But if you don’t have a jailbroken iOS device, then you would need to subscribe to Xnspy’s iCloud version. With this, you would be able to spy on iPhone without any download or installation but with some limitations; for instance, you won’t have the remote control features as they are on Android, but pretty much everything else.
2.    Getting acquainted with the remote controls
Once you have the application set up, it’s time to use the remote control features. For that, you’ll be signing in at This is the app’s online control panel. All the features are accessible via this app’s dashboard. With Xnspy, you could send four different types of commands.

1)    Ambient recording: This is a sick feature! It lets you record everything happening around the monitored smartphone. When you send the command, you can also set the duration of the recording anywhere between one to 30 minutes. Xnspy will simply access the microphone and start recording any sounds heard around the phone.
2)    Remote lock: If you have nasty, internet-obsessed kids, remotely locking their personal smartphones or tablets could really help manage the screen time.
3)    Take remote screenshots: If recording or locking someone’s phone is not enough, you could always remotely take screenshots and see in real time what they are up to on their phones.
4)    Wipe phone data remotely: This the handiest one out of all other commands because it lets you protect your data on a lost device from totally stranger people.
3.    Keep it moderate and know the rules!
If you are new to using a phone monitoring app, there are a few pertinent things you should know.

•    Phone monitoring apps are neither legal or illegal; it’s their use that defines everything.
•    Taking legal consent of a person before using their phone is what’ll keep you away from any legal trouble.
•    While it’s necessary to take a legal consent of the person whom you want to monitor, some states allow for non-consensual monitoring of underage children, while there are many other who would let you do the same to your employees.
•    Even if you have a legal privilege to use a phone monitoring app on someone’s phone, don’t take that for granted. Show some decency and take the consent first!

Written by: Bryan Hunter
Bryan is the founder of Phone Tips and Tricks which provides hundreds of tips, tricks and guides for smartphone users. While he isn't updating the website and blogging about phone related news, he will usually be found tinkering on his own wonder gadget.

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