Unwanted Lag – Best Hacks To Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience

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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 27th October 2018

You’ve been playing your favorite mobile video game for a couple weeks now. And after these two weeks, you finally progressed to a level or an area that took you two long weeks to get to. You are ecstatic. You cannot wait to see what this new area brings.

The second after you enter this new area, your game starts lagging like crazy. A few seconds after that, you lose a life, forcing you to start all over again. Or even worse, the game crashes.

Whether you are playing a simple platformer, a first person shooter, or a role playing game, lag can cause some serious problems in your mobile gaming experience, whether you are playing on your phone or on your tablet. Any of the latest mobile games can and do encounter this issue.

This lag can ruin moments in your game where you either want to explore a new area, or need to focus on things in the game that require you to think and act fast. This is very common in mobile gaming, and can be very frustrating. Fortunately, lags in gameplay are easy to detect and can be micromanaged easily.

What causes lags in gameplay?

Mobile games rely on a number of factors to run efficiently. First of all, your mobile game is an app. Like most other apps on your phone or tablet, it utilizes a combination of your mobile device’s memory and some of its data to run properly.

The lag is generally caused when your mobile device has only just enough data and memory to run the game properly. From this observation, we have come up with some ways where you can make sure your mobile device can play any given game while eliminating as much lag as possible.

The truth about lags in gameplay

Because the game you are playing on your mobile device also requires some kind of internet or data connection to play, lag is never going to be 100% unavoidable. If you are playing a mobile game, it has the propensity to lag at some point.

This is because it requires a data or internet connection to play. It is important to know this, as many do overlook it. The following methods can reduce these chances by quite a bit to where lagging will not be a major problem.

Close out apps

Apps on a mobile device use memory to stay active. Even if an app is not being used at the moment, it requires memory and data to be able to provide notifications. This can cause gaming lag because the notifications creates a “spike" in the usage of your mobile device’s memory and data.

This can cause lag in your mobile game, especially if you have a lot of these apps in the background. If you decide to play a mobile game and you have all of your social media apps on in the background, this will affect not only how the device performs in general, but it can also affect how your mobile game performs. This is especially true if the game itself uses a lot of memory and data to play.

The next time you enter a mobile video game, consider going into the settings of your mobile devices and disable some the notifications and permissions of your apps. It will make a difference.

Use Wifi instead of data

Most mobile games require a network connection as well. While for some games this is negligible, most other games rely on the network connection. This is especially true if you are playing a multiplayer game. While the data plan on your mobile device could be designed for high levels of data use, these levels are rarely consistent. It is a much better idea to use a wi-fi connection to manage these levels of data use.

Not only does this provide a more consistent data use for the gameplay, but it will also not use your mobile device’s available data that your plan may have. If you are playing a game that uses 300 megabytes of data an hour, these can add up and before you know it, you have used most of the available data on your mobile device’s plan.

Keep your battery charged

It is beyond common knowledge that games can drain a mobile device’s battery. The longer a mobile device’s battery drains, the more likely that certain apps on a mobile device will slow down because of a device’s natural tendency to save battery power. Try plugging your device into a charging station of some sort to see if it prevents lag.

These are a few things you can do right now to reduce your mobile game’s chances of lagging. Remember that while lagging cannot be stopped completely, it can certainly be contained and micromanaged. Doing these three simple things can do that, and they can be done in seconds. Happy gaming!


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Written by: Bryan Hunter
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