The Current Most Popular Android Games on Google’s Play Store

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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 22nd September 2018

Savvy Android games developers try their best to appeal to a broad audience, rather than only a niche audiences, which can limit their reach and ability to increase installs.

The market for Android devices worldwide is enormous and the breadth and depth of game titles easily matches what is available on Apple devices.

In contrast to iPhones, Android devices have many thousands of games available for free, allowing them to reach all demographics and regions of the world.

The Google Play store is teeming with games, ranging from simple puzzle games, to strategy, to first person shooters and beyond. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to know where to start, so we’ve put together a short list of games that might pique your interest and get you exploring many games you may never have heard of!

Here are some of the most highly rated and interesting Android games of 2018:

Hole down
Hole down is a kinetic plus puzzle game that links the components with a mining mechanic in which you can dig the hole as deep as much as you want. When you come back to the surface to get the upgrade, you will face a process which will give you more shots, and access to new planets as well as a black hole. You will be able to gain your achieved powers back to the dig by bouncing shots off walls and other blocks.

Zero Escape
Zero Escape consists of 99 incredible levels and every level contains interesting puzzles which have a numerical answer. The only thing you will experience during the whole game is a mock retro green screen, number pad and a clue. Sometimes clues will be easy to grasp and some will really challenge your intellect.

Battleland Royale
Battleland Royale is created for the mobile Battle Royale game. It has captivating cartoony graphics and a top-down perspective. This game is a distinct take on the battle royale formula that is designed for casual gaming sessions. Each match will take few minutes to find the weapons, so be careful and get ready to move fast.

Hero Academy 2
Hero Academy is back with more enhanced features than the first Hero Academy. It is immensely popular among the strategy genre. You can experience and enjoy three features of cards, strategy, and tactics all in one game. You will have the opportunity to build your own teams and make strategies to defeat your enemy. You will also get the chance to reach top ranking around the world by challenging people globally.

Pokémon Quest
This game is jointly published by Nintendo and Pokémon. It is an action and adventure game which allows you to make a team of adorable cube shaped Pokémon to explore Tumble Cube Island. You will find different areas located on an island and each area consists of various stages. You will be able to take three cube-shaped Pokémon along with you on each area and get plenty of ingredients like power star and XP. You will also get the chance to return your camp to equip your team with power stars.

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Written by: Bryan Hunter
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