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Posted by Bryan Hunter on 13th April 2011

This first blog is a quick intro about how the site came about. I’m a phone geek at heart, so in future I’ll also be posting my thoughts about phone operating systems, commentary and news about the phone industry and my ramblings about phones in general.

How this site came about
I was inspired to create this website after seeing a list of  ‘time saving tips and tricks’ on a forum. I had owned my phone (a Nokia N900 running the fantastic Maemo OS, in case you’re interested) for around 6 months and thought I knew everything there was to know about it. I was wrong.

After reading the forum post, I had learned an alternative way to lock the screen on my phone, a tip to quickly filter my contacts and a host of keyboard shortcuts to save time while navigating my phone.

Each trick only saved me a second of my time, but boy was I excited. I figured a second in phone time is like seven seconds in the real time.

After reading dozens and dozens of comments of thanks and praise, I realised I wasn’t the only one that was excited to learn about these tips. People wanted to be acquainted with their new phones. They wanted to save time with shortcuts. They wanted to show off to their mates how quickly they could navigate around their touch screen or keyboard. I had hit upon an idea and it wasn’t to list the tips for just my phone, but every phone…

Having spent months consulting phone users and trawling the internet for unique tips and tricks for dozens of smart phones, I created a website to list the tips in a easy-to-use manner. I then created the ability to vote for them, so the most useful tips are the first one’s you’ll see. What’s more, users can add their own tips and they can help tidy the site by voting for tips that are wrong or not explained well. And if your phone isn’t listed, then tell us and we’ll add it.

At the time of writing, this site is the only one of it’s kind on the internet. If you find the site useful, please spread the word by telling your friends or adding the site to your favourite social bookmarking / networking site (using the sharing buttons on the home or tips pages).

If you don’t feel comfortable spreading the word, then tell me why and I’ll try and improve the site! All feedback is appreciated.

And make sure you also check back regularly for newly added tips.

Thanks for reading.


Bryan Hunter
Founder, Phone Tips and Tricks

Written by: Bryan Hunter
Bryan is the founder of Phone Tips and Tricks which provides hundreds of tips, tricks and guides for smartphone users. While he isn't updating the website and blogging about phone related news, he will usually be found tinkering on his own wonder gadget.

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