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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung has set the standard for the rest to follow with the development of the Galaxy S7.

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Veho SAEM VBC-001 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit Review

The kind folks over at recently sent us the Veho SAEM VBC-001 Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit to play with.
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Uifit PadPivot Review

Today we’re reviewing the Uifit PadPivot which was recently given to us by the team at
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How Technology Will Definitely End the World, One Way or Another

Most of us don’t want to go back to a time when there was no technology. However, that doesn’t mean that technology is always beneficial. There are several discoveries that may cause significant damage to our world and the population – especially as humans don’t always take the safe or careful approach. Here are some ways that technology could lead to the end of the world: Read more

X-Mi X Mini II vs Soundwave SW50

Today we’re reviewing a side-by-side comparison of impressive portable speakers, kindly provided by the folks over at who sell a great range of phone accessories and speakers.

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