Nokia E6 Tips and Tricks

The phone is capable of call waiting. If your operator supports this and it is not enabled by default, you can find it in Menu – Settings – Calling – Call – Call waiting. Then set it to Activate

Press and hold a blank area on your homescreen. Then when you see a Plus sign, press that and a number of widgets will be displayed. Choose the Favourites one and a Favourites widget will appear on your home screen. It will give you the option to Add up to 20 of your favourite contacts (but only 4 at a time)

To use the LED camera light as a torch, press and hold the Screen Lock Slider. Repeat to turn off the torch

Your phone comes with a USB to micro USB cable. You can use this to plug a mouse or keyboard into the cable and the cable into your phone. Use them to navigate around the phone more easily. You can also use the Video / Audio cable to connect your phone to a TV or Projector to effectively turn your phone into a portable computer. Great for business presentations!

A useful feature is that when you are on a call and the phone is muted, the Menu key will turn from White to Red. This can be handy to check if you’re saying something you don’t want the other person to hear

While browsing a site you want to bookmark, press on the double ended arrow (in the bottom right). This will show some icons on the right. Then click on the icon with 3 horizontal lines (which gives more options). Then another window will appear. Press the Save bkmrs icon

Firstly, you will need to login to Facebook or Twitter using the Social Networks application. Then go to the contact you want to assign the photo to. Click the Social Networks button (beneath the green avatar). This will take you to your Social Networks application. From there you can assign your contant to their Facebook or Twitter profile. When you have found the contact, press More and select Use this picture in Contact card

When you drag between homescreens, something there can be a lag or it may go slowly. You can speed this up by disabling the Theme effects. Go to Menu – Settings – Themes – Options – Theme effects. Then change it to Off

For improved video recording, make sure you enable video stabilisation in the video record. Go to the Camera application and change it to Video mode. Then press Options – Settings – Video stabilisation and change it to On

To expand all days in your mailbox, long press on a day