Nokia Lumia 1020 Tips and Tricks

Windows Phone 8
Phone: Nokia Lumia 1020
Factory OS: Windows Phone 8

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If the volume of your friends’ posts, comments and tweets becomes too much, you can filter them.

Go to Start, then flick left to the Applications list. Then press Settings – Applications – People. Then select Only show posts from people visible on my contact list.

Alternatively, you can go to Start – People. Then flick to What’s new – All accounts. Then select the account you want to view posts from.

The phone has a Facebook application, but you can also integrate Facebook with the phone operating system. First you need to setup your account. Go to Settings – Email & accounts and set it up there

To change the homescreen background to white, then start from the homescreen and scroll to the right.

Then choose Settings – Theme.

You can then change the theme from dark/black to light/white.

To improve focus while using the Camera app, you can press on a specific spot on the screen to focus there.

Also, when taking photos, press the Camera button down halfway to focus. Then depress it fully to take the photo.

To import your contacts from your SIM card, then insert the SIM and turn the phone on.

Then go to People. Hold near the top of the screen and select Import SIM contacts.

While browsing websites, if you see a phone number or a physical address, you can double tap the number / address. For phone numbers, the phone will dial the number. For addresses, it will show the address on Bing Maps. This may not work for all carriers.

To change the screen lock timeout, go to Settings – Lock & wallpaper. Then choose the duration before the screen locks.

This is handy so you don’t accidentally bump the keys when the phone is in your pocket. It will also improve your battery life.

While viewing a website, press the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen. Then click on Find on page. Then search for the word you want to find

To forward an email you can simply press the Envelope symbol at the bottom of the screen.

To open websites in a new browser tab, then simply Press and Hold on a hyperlink and select Open in new tab.