Nokia E7 Tips and Tricks

Symbian Version 9.5 (Symbian^3)
Phone: Nokia E7
Factory OS: Symbian Version 9.5 (Symbian^3)

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There are three ways to zoom in your camera application:
Press the volume keys to zoom in and out
Double tap on the screen
Pinch your fingers to switch aspect rations between 4:3 and 16:9

Press the top-right of your screen, just next to the battery indicator. This will show your current connections as well as your clock and battery

The phone doesn’t have a built in torch, but there are some good Apps that you can use.

Go to the OVI store and search for the following Apps:

Fun Torch
The Flashlight

The phone has a motion sensor that can be used for three great actions:
To silence calls – turn the phone face down
To snooze your alarm – turn the phone face down
To rotate the display – turn the phone from portrait to landscape
To change these settings, go to Menu – Settings – Phone – Sensor Settings. Change the Sensors field to On. Then press on Turning control and you can enable / disable each of the three above

If you would prefer to use a WiFi connection at home or in the office, rather than the 3G connection, then go to Menu – Settings – Connectivity. Then select Settings – Known WLANs only

If you are going into a meeting for an hour and want to silence the phone for the hour, but turn off silent after the meeting, you can set a timer to your profile.

Go to Menu – Settings – Profiles. Highlight the profile you want to use and select Options. Select Timed and choose the time you want to activate the profile for. The menu should display a clock next to the profile to tell you that it’s timed

The phone has a handy feature if your battery is running low. It will disconnected Bluetooth, dim the screen, change from GSM to 3G and disable the screensaver.

Press the SYM key on your keyboard to get special characters like accents

The phone is capable of call waiting. If your operator supports this and it is not enabled by default, you can find it in Menu – Settings – Calling – Call – Call waiting. Then set it to Activate

If you are worried about someone using your phone, you can assign a lock code. Go to Menu – Settings – Phone – Phone management – Security settings – Phone and SIM card. Then change the value in Lock code. It needs to be a number.

Then, to lock your phone, press the Power button and choose Lock phone from the menu