Nokia E7 - Use timed profiles

Symbian Version 9.5 (Symbian^3)
Phone: Nokia E7
Factory OS: Symbian Version 9.5 (Symbian^3)

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Use timed profiles

If you are going into a meeting for an hour and want to silence the phone for the hour, but turn off silent after the meeting, you can set a timer to your profile.

Go to Menu – Settings – Profiles. Highlight the profile you want to use and select Options. Select Timed and choose the time you want to activate the profile for. The menu should display a clock next to the profile to tell you that it’s timed

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2 responses to “Use timed profiles”

  1. Em says:

    I went to my Nokia E7 Menu-Settings and there was no Profiles but Tone Profiles so I pressed that. It lead me to All my profiles I chose Normal profile but it didn’t give me the Options but the “Activate or Customize” instead. I went to Customized and of course it didn’t have the “Timed” you mentioned. 

  2. Bryan Hunter says:

    Ok, thanks for letting me know. I’ll get the tip removed.

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