Windows Phone Tips and Tricks

Sometimes while trying to download a game from the Marketplace an error will occur and the download will stop.

To resume the download, open the Marketplace tile and choose Games. Find the game that is having the problem and select ‘Check install’. Then when you’re in the Marketplace downloads screen long-press on the error and choose ‘try again’

To PIN a website to your start menu, then browse to a site. Then Press and Hold and select Pin to start, to add a shortcut to the website to your start menu.

You can go one step further and zoom into a part of the web page. Then when you Press and Hold to add to your start menu, the Title on your Start Menu will display the area you zoomed to.

Simply find the application in your apps list. Press and Hold on the application and select Uninstall

To share websites that you are browsing on Facebook or Twitter, you can simply press the More (…) and then select Share page.

To create a conference call on your phone, you need to first call someone.

Then when they are on the line, press the Down arrow on the screen and press Add to call and select another Contact.

Then when you’ve found the second person, press Merge calls

Go to the People section and find a coloured Title (the colour will depend on your Theme). Press the tile and an alphabet should appear. Start typing the name of the contact you want to dial and it will appear

To forward an email you can simply press the Envelope symbol at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to change the text (or font) on your phone, then go to Settings – Ease of Access.

From here you can move a horizontal bar to change the font size. You will also see some other accessibility options like high contrast and TTY/TDD.

When in your Email application, you can Press and Hold on individual emails. This will give you a menu whereby you can Delete, Mark as unread, Move or Set a flag to your emails

If you’re on a call, you can record the conversation. While speaking, put the phone on Speakerphone. Then hold down the Camera button to record the call.