Windows Phone Tips and Tricks

If you’re abroad and want to translate text or street signs with your camera, then Window Phone provides this great feature.

Be warned that it does require a data connection, so if you’re roaming then make sure you check how much the costs will be.

First, press the search button at the bottom of your phone (three dots) Then press button that looks like an eye to open the Camera. Next, press Scan Text to take a picture of the text and then press Translate.

If it doesn’t work the first time, then try taking the photo straight on, or from a slightly different angle. Once the phone has recognised the text, select a language to translate to and Windows Phone will translate it for you.

If you are taking photos where there is a high contrast between light and dark colours or shapes (for example taking a photo of someone with the sun in the background), then there is a function that will improve these photos.

Launch the Camera app and then choose the Gear icon in the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down and select Wide Dynamic Range and change this to On

To fast forward or rewind a song while playing, you need to look for two circle buttons with arrows in them.

These are used to play the previous / next tracks.

If you Press and Hold them however, you can fast forward or rewind the track.

To change the screen lock timeout, go to Settings – Lock & wallpaper. Then choose the duration before the screen locks.

This is handy so you don’t accidentally bump the keys when the phone is in your pocket. It will also improve your battery life.

Simply Press and Hold on a text message and choose Delete

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On previous versions of Windows Phone users weren’t able to change their lock screen or live tile background, however this is now possible.

To change this, go to the settings menu and select the Start+Theme option. Then choose a Start background.

In this screen you can also set another row of live titles, change the accent colour and also set the phone’s overall colour to dark or light.

Microsoft may still be in denial, but Bing is not the best search engine in the world and most Windows Phone users would prefer to use Google by default.

As you might expect from a Microsoft phone, you can’t disable Bing by default, but you can go to the App Store and download the Google Search App.

Once you have that, then simply Pin this to your Start screen so it’s easily accessible.

While entering a website address you can Press and Hold the .com key on the keyboard. This will give you the option of other domain suffixes (e.g. .org,, etc.)

A great feature of recent Windows Phone versions is what’s called Storage Sense which can help you manage your phone and SD card storage.

If your device does have expandable storage and you have an SD card, then Storage Sense helps you move photos, music and Apps from your phone storage to your SD card.

You can also use it to see which content or which Apps are consuming the most storage space. From here you can either delete or uninstall the offenders.