Windows Phone Tips and Tricks

If you are listening to music and want to see the Artist’s album art on your lock screen there is a feature for this. Go to Start – Applications list – Settings – Lock + wallpaper. Then turn on Show artist art when playing music.

If you prefer not to have the ‘Sent from my Windows Phone’ message at the bottom of emails, then here is how to remove it:

Go into Mail and press the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen. Select Settings and change it there

This is useful if you don’t want people to know that emails are being sent from your phone.

To improve focus while using the Camera app, you can press on a specific spot on the screen to focus there.

Also, when taking photos, press the Camera button down halfway to focus. Then depress it fully to take the photo.

To silence incoming calls while the phone is ringing, you can simply press the Volume button.

If you also want to silence the call AND make the screen blank, then press the Power button.

To send an MMS, simply start typing a text message and press the Attach icon to attach a picture

To shuffle your music tracks, then start playing some music.

Then press the Album cover. You can then choose either Repeat or Shuffle

If you would like your phone to announce who is calling you, then from the homescreen, scroll to the right and choose Settings. Then Easy of access. Then press Speech for phone accessibility.

To find your MAC address, go to the homescreen and scroll to the right.

Choose Settings – About. Then press More information. The MAC address should be shown next to the SIM ID.

You can also try opening the Phone app (dialler), then dial ##634# and press Call.

Then from the Diagnostics screen dial *#1234#

This may not work on all phones.

To PIN music or playlists to your start menu, go to your Music player.

Then select the music file or playlist you want.

Then Press and Hold on an item and select Pin to start

To play your whole music collection, go into the Music and Videos area and press the Play button there.

This will start playing all your music.