Blackberry Torch (9800 / 9850 / 9860) Tips and Tricks

BlackBerry OS 6
Phone: Blackberry Torch (9800 / 9850 / 9860)
Factory OS: BlackBerry OS 6

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From the homescreen (or in a folder) press the Options icon. Then select Typing and Language – Trackpad Sensitivity.

Change the Horizontal Sensitivity field and Vertical Sensitivity field. Then press the BlackBerry key and Save.

Press Esc or the Del key

To find the IP address of your phone, go to Options – Device – Device and Status Information. The IP Address should be listed at the bottom

From time to time you may require your IMEI number. To locate it, go to Options – Device – Device and Status Information. The IMEI number is listed beneath the PIN number

Options – Device – Status Information

Press and hold a letter while sliding your finger left or right along the trackpad.

Hold the Alt key and press a number

Open the browser. Press the BB key. Scroll to Options. There will be an option for Keyboard Shortcuts. Enable this and save changes.

Options – Display – Homescreen Preferences. Ensure Select Launch by Typing is set to Application Shortcuts