Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Tips and Tricks

Android 2.3
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
Factory OS: Android 2.3

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If you have forgotten your custom unlock pattern, then don’t panic.

After 5 unsuccessful tries a button should appear saying ‘Forgot pattern’. Press this and you will be asked to enter your Gmail username/password.

The phone will then ask for a new unlock pattern. If you don’t have a Gmail account, then you might have to either call your carrier or factory reset your phone.

It is important to regularly check for firmware updates to your operating system software. This will mean your phone is protected against bugs and security flaws, and may mean you will see extra features.

To manually check for the latest firmware update for your phone, go to Menu – Settings – About phone – Software update.

From here you can press Update to check for updates. Or you can turn on Auto update whereby the phone will tell you when a firmware update is available to download.

To use custom ringtones for your phone ringtone, your alarm or your text message notification, simply copy an MP3 file to one of the following folders:

If they don’t already exist, then create a new folder.

The file will then show up when you want to change your ringtones.

For Ringtones go to Settings – Sound – Phone ringtone
For Text Messages go to – Settings – Sound – Notification ringtone
For Alarm, set the sound when you add a new alarm

Ensure auto-brightness is disabled, then press and hold on the notification bar at the top of the screen.

After a second, start sliding your finger to the left or right. This will adjust the screen brightness up and down.

To copy photos to your computer, plug the phone in via a USB cable. (you might have to install your phone software or drivers first).

Then locate the new drive on your PC. Go to the /DCIM/Camera/ folder Your photos will be stored there.

This may vary slightly between phones, however once you have opened the phone’s drive, you can do a quick search for .jpg files which will show you where your photos are located.

To change the Google Navigation voice, start at the homescreen and press Menu – Settings – Voice input and output – Text-to-speech settings.

Then under the Default settings section, press Default engine.

To change the language, go through the same process, but instead of Default engine, select Language.

If you prefer a different voice when listening to the Google Maps voice navigation, you can also select another language or accent.

Android has a feature allowing you to update Applications automatically. This is turned off by default, but you can turn it on.

Open the Android market, then Menu – My Apps.

Then you need to open up each installed App and tick Allow Automatic Updating at the bottom. Unfortunately you do need to do this for each App.

If you want to type non-English letters (eg those with an accent), long-press on the relevant letter. A list of options will appear for you to select

If you are browsing and have zoomed in to a column on a web page but you want it reformatted, you can pinch to zoom in. Then double tap on the column. The column will then be reformatted to fit the screen width.

From the Contact list or the Messaging list, swipe from Left to Right to call a Contact.