Samsung Galaxy Ace Tips and Tricks

Android 2.2
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace
Factory OS: Android 2.2

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Use the Volume keys to zoom in and out

Long press the 12# or 123 button on the keyboard (this will only work if you have the standard keyboard installed)

Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Menu button – Filter – Select ‘All’ – Scroll down to Contacts Storage – Clear Data. This will delete contacts from the phone only, not the SIM card.

In your Dialer you can swipe left or right to choose between different numbers for a given caller

If you have made a call to a number that you don’t want anyone seeing in your call log, then open your Call Log.

This will normally be found on your Apps list or you can also go to your Dialer and find Logs or Call Logs.

Then press and hold on the contact you want to remove. When the Menu appears, press Delete

Instead of the simple swipe gesture to unlock your phone, you can set a custom one which can be extremely difficult for a thief to guess. Go to Menu – Settings – Security – Unlock pattern to set one up

To add items to your home screen, simply find a black space, press down and hold. Then select a Scene, Wallpaper, Widget etc

Go into Settings – Wireless & networks. Then press WiFi or Bluetooth to enable or disable

Simple press and hold on the bar at the top and drag it downward

Load the Application launcher -> Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Input method -> then choose the keyboard you want to use. To use your new keyboard, just press the Search button and it will pop up