Samsung Galaxy Ace Tips and Tricks

Android 2.2
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace
Factory OS: Android 2.2

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Menu – Settings – Search – Clear search shortcuts

If you prefer a different voice when listening to the Maps voice navigation, you can select another language or accent. Go to Menu – Settings – Text to speech and select another option

To get the Browser History, long press the Back key.

To add and remove bookmarks from the browser history press the star on the right

If you have additional keyboards installed, you can switch between them by long pressing the 123 button while in keyboard mode

To enable / disable vibrate (haptic feedback) when you type, then try these two methods, depending on which version of Android you are running:

Menu – Settings – Language & keyboard – Touch Input – Text input. Then change the Vibrate when typing option

Menu – Settings – Sound – Haptic feedback

You can also change turn on haptic feedback when you unlock your phone by going to Menu – Settings – Location & security – Use tactile feedback.

When looking at the call log multiple calls to or from the same number are grouped together. If you press on one of these numbers it will list all the calls made or received

By default, the phone will recognise swear words, but insert x’s instead of the word. To change this, go to Settings – Voice input & output – Block offensive words

To display the most recently used apps, long press the Home key

To stop the Photo app or the Music player from indexing your files, place a blank text file called .nomedia in the folder

If you want to remove an entire text message thread, go into Messages and look for the thread. Then long press on it and select Delete thread