Windows Phone 8.1 Tips and Tricks

To send an MMS, simply start typing a text message and press the Attach icon to attach a picture

A useful feature called Word Flow is now built in to Windows Phone devices.

This is similar to the Swype App which allows you to drag your finger from letter to letter to form a word, rather than typing each one. It does take some getting used to, but many users consider this a quicker way to type.

To skip to the next track in a playlist, press the Track list below the album cover. This will let you move through the playlist

Go to Settings – Applications – Phone to display your number

A recent addition to Windows Phone is what’s called Wi-Fi sense which allows you to share your trusted Wi-Fi networks with your friends on Facebook, Outlook, Skype etc. They must also use a recent version of Windows Phone however.

The feature allows you to share your Wi-Fi credentials with your contacts although they won’t actually see the password.

To enable Wi-Fi Sense then go to Settings – Wi-Fi and scroll down where you will find it.

If you would like to join your email inboxes so that all messages appear in the same space, then you can Link them.

First go to one email account you want to link and press the symbol that looks like three full stops. Then select Link inboxes and choose two inboxes you want to link together.

Sometimes, especially if you’re going abroad, you will want to save maps to view when your phone is offline.

This isn’t an obvious feature to find, but you should go to Settings – Applications – Maps – Download Maps.

From here you can download whole regions, countries or continents to your phone for viewing when you don’t have a data connection. Be warned that this can take up a lot of storage space however. For example the whole of the UK might take around 500Mb of storage space.

Not every one wants to have their Apps automatically updated. Some prefer to be able to choose, especially when the Apps can take quite some time and data to download.

To disable this automatic settings (which is the default from Windows Phone 8.1), then go to your App Store – Settings and untick Update apps automatically.

OneNote is a great App for taking notes and syncs them on the Cloud and across all devices that you have OneNote setup for.

To set this up, go to your App Drawer and load OneNote. From here you can make, edit or share notes. To search for specific notes you can use the magnifying glass and press the + key to add a new note.

To PIN a website to your start menu, then browse to a site. Then Press and Hold and select Pin to start, to add a shortcut to the website to your start menu.

You can go one step further and zoom into a part of the web page. Then when you Press and Hold to add to your start menu, the Title on your Start Menu will display the area you zoomed to.