Windows Phone 8.1 Tips and Tricks

To add cc and bcc fields to an email, press the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen when composing an email.

You can then select Show cc & bcc.

To find an address on maps, then go to a location by panning and zooming.

Then Press and Hold on a location to drop a pin.

This will give you the address of the location you have selected.

To open websites in a new browser tab, then simply Press and Hold on a hyperlink and select Open in new tab.

When browsing on your phone you may notice images can be quite blurry or distorted. This is because your network provider is compressing the images before they are downloaded on to your device.

Unfortunately there is no way to override this, but if you have a Wi-Fi connection nearby, then you can turn that on. This will mean that all image downloads come through the Wi-Fi connection, rather than your carrier, and the images should appear normally.

To add Google Calendar to your phone, go to Settings – Emails – Google email.

From here you can sync your emails, contacts and calendar to the phone.

To shuffle your music tracks, then start playing some music.

Then press the Album cover. You can then choose either Repeat or Shuffle

To play your whole music collection, go into the Music and Videos area and press the Play button there.

This will start playing all your music.

If you would like to project the content of your phone’s screen to your PC or TV to show off photos or videos to your friends, then this is how to do it.

Project to TV – First you will need a TV that supports Wireless Miracast technology, although many modern Smart TV will support this. First you should go to Settings – System – Project My Screen. If you have problems with this then press Advanced and then Fix. You may also want to check that your TV has the latest software version installed.

Project to PC – Some PCs will also support this, but if they don’t then you can still connect your Phone to your PC via a USB cable and Microsoft’s Project My Screen App from the Microsoft website. This can be found here. Further instructions can also be found on this page.

To move a tile to another location, simply press and hold a tile. Then drag it to another location

If you would like your phone to read out text to you, then you can use an accessibility option by going to Settings – Ease Of Access. Once this is enabled your phone will narrate text that is displayed on the screen.

This feature is currently only available in some countries, however if you go to Settings – Region and select the United States, then this will work for you. It will however read things out with US style currency and dates.