Android 4.1.1 (Jellybean) Tips and Tricks

To access the scientific calculator, rotate the phone to landscape mode.

The calculator will change to a scientific one.

Rather than having to locate the hang up icon on the screen after each call, you can quickly end a call by pressing the Power button. It will not turn off the screen though.

To enable this, go to Settings – Accessibility – Power button ends call.

Note: Depending on which firmware you are running, you may need to update your firmware to see this feature.

By turning off the animations, your phone will run faster and smoother. Press Menu -> Settings -> Sounds & Display -> Animation. Turn this to Off. The Off option works best for quickest performance

To install ringtones on your phone you will need to copy some MP3s on to your phone.

To do this, connect your Phone to a computer with the USB cable. It should mount automatically and appear as a drive letter on your computer. If it doesn’t, then drag the notification bar (the bar at the top) down and press USB Connected and select Mount.

Once that is done, go to the Phone’s drive letter on your computer. Create a folder called ringtones. Then copy your MP3’s from into this folder.

Once that is done, go to the Phone’s home screen, press Menu – Settings – Sound – Phone ringtone. Scroll down until you find the ringtone you want

If you are running low on phone memory, you can look for your largest applications to uninstall. Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications and press Menu. This will then filter your apps by memory use

There are two ways to do this:
1) Press and hold on a blank spot on your home screen. Select Add to Home screen. Then choose the Wallpapers option. Then choose from one of the options, depending on where the wallpapers are

2) Open the Applications launcher. Select Settings – Personalize – Home wallpaper. Then continue choose from the options provided

If you want to type non-English letters (eg those with an accent), long-press on the relevant letter. A list of options will appear for you to select

The Note has a feature built into where you can write comments on top of a photo, then share the photo using various services.

First, choose the photo you want to comment on. Then press and hold on the photo. Then with your Stylus, write your message on top of the photo. Then press Share via and select Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or other service.

To save an image in an email or in the browser, long press on the image and a menu will appear allowing you to save it.

For images inside text messages, you might have to press and hold on the message itself, rather than the image.

Once saved, images should be located in the /phone/Download folder.

If you are browsing and have zoomed in to a column on a web page but you want it reformatted, you can pinch to zoom in. Then double tap on the column. The column will then be reformatted to fit the screen width.