Android 2.3 (Kindle) Tips and Tricks

If you are viewing a website and you see a URL, you can long press on it and then choose to open the site in a new tab

To remove a favourite, press and hold on the favourite. A menu should appear. Then select Remove from favourites.

Some users have reported that you may need to restart your device for the favourite to be removed.

To stop the Photo app or the Music player from indexing your files, place a blank text file called .nomedia in the folder

If you are running low on phone memory, you can look for your largest applications to uninstall. Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications and press Menu. This will then filter your apps by memory use

When using the standard calculator, rotate the phone to landscape mode. The calculator will change to a scientific one

If you are a surfer that likes a lot of tabs open, sometimes it can be a nuisance to close them all at once in the Silk web browser. There is a solution however. Instead of pressing the x on a tab, press and hold on the top of the tab. Then select Close all product tabs.




To see what Applications are currently running, go to the Settings Menu. Then select More – Applications.

To close an Application, then select the App and press the Force Stop button.

Sideloading is the process of installing Apps that are not from Amazon, on your Kindle Fire – for example the Android Market. In order to do this, you must enable it in the settings first.

From the homescreen, press Settings – More – Device. Then find Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources and change this to On.

Now you can copy other Apps on to the device as files. In order to open the files however you will need to get a free App called ES File Explorer from the Amazon marketplace.

Once you have installed this, copy the App installation file to your computer via a USB cable and open it in ES File Explorer.

If your carousel is getting cluttered with frequently used items, then here are some tips to clear it out:

To clear Apps: Go to Settings – Applications. Then filter by All Apps. Then App Manager – Clear data (this will clear your Apps from the Carousel, so if you want to keep them then they need to be favourites).

To clear web pages: Go to your standard browser, then Menu – Settings – Clear history.

To remove a video: Go to Settings – More – Applications – Amazon video Clear data.

The Kindle Fire allows you to make a note in an eBook, similar to placing bookmarks or post-its on a real book.

First, find some text you want to highlight. Press and hold at the start of the text, then drag your finder to the end of the text. Then remove your finger and select Make a Note. You can then type in the note.