Nokia Lumia 720 Tips and Tricks

Windows Phone 8
Phone: Nokia Lumia 720
Factory OS: Windows Phone 8

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When viewing your photos or videos, you can view them in filmstrip mode. Open a picture or video, then pinch it as if you shrink it. You can then view several in filmstrip mode.

This will work better when your phone is tilted into landscape mode.

To PIN people to your start menu, go to your People list and find the person you want to add.

Then Press and Hold on an item and select Pin to start

To PIN music or playlists to your start menu, go to your Music player.

Then select the music file or playlist you want.

Then Press and Hold on an item and select Pin to start

To add cc and bcc fields to an email, press the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen when composing an email.

You can then select Show cc & bcc.

To turn on Caps lock, double press the Shift key.

To turn it off, simply double tap Shift again to disable.

To maximise the viewable area when viewing websites, then you can rotate the phone to landscape mode.

This has the effect of hiding the menu toolbar and address bar so that you can see more of the website.

To change the homescreen background to white, then start from the homescreen and scroll to the right.

Then choose Settings – Theme.

You can then change the theme from dark/black to light/white.

Bing Vision is a great tool which works in a similar way to the QR / Barcode scanner on some phones.

Open the Bing Vision App and it will use phone’s camera to take a phone of an object, product, book etc. It will then scan any text on the object and search for relevant information. It can also translate the text into another language.

Any example might be to scan the cover of a book. Vision will search for the book and provide you a price comparison from various book sellers.

If the volume of your friends’ posts, comments and tweets becomes too much, you can filter them.

Go to Start, then flick left to the Applications list. Then press Settings – Applications – People. Then select Only show posts from people visible on my contact list.

Alternatively, you can go to Start – People. Then flick to What’s new – All accounts. Then select the account you want to view posts from.

To change the screen lock timeout, go to Settings – Lock & wallpaper. Then choose the duration before the screen locks.

This is handy so you don’t accidentally bump the keys when the phone is in your pocket. It will also improve your battery life.