Nokia Lumia 520 - Delete multiple emails

Windows Phone 8
Phone: Nokia Lumia 520
Factory OS: Windows Phone 8

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Delete multiple emails

To delete multiple emails, then open your mail App so you are viewing your list of emails. Then tap the Left side of the screen.

A menu will slide out to the right, displaying some tick boxes.

Tick the emails you want to delete and then press the Rubbish bin icon.

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2 responses to “Delete multiple emails”

  1. John Phelps says:

    How do I delete all e-mails without selecting one at a time….there’s too many of them!

  2. John Phelps says:

    I called Nokia and there is no option for deleting all e-mails in an inbox or the deleted box, you have to select one at a time. They need to put this basic option in.

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