Nokia Lumia 520 - Change background image

Windows Phone 8
Phone: Nokia Lumia 520
Factory OS: Windows Phone 8

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Change background image

Go to your Pictures tile. Select the Picture you want as the background. Press and Hold on the picture. Then select Change background. You can then adjust the picture by zooming or panning. You can also allow the phone to randomly choose a picture by pressing, holding and selecting ‘Change it for me’

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3 responses to “Change background image”

  1. vee says:

    There is no such option in NL520. The options include just share,delete and add to favourite. What should i do? I wanna have pic themes, bt i couldn’t do that. The background and Accent colours are very few n simple. How to apply pics in the background or as a theme. Pls help me out..

  2. sassie says:

    click on share then backround.if it dosnt show u that then get a new phone maybe

  3. Sumit Singh says:

    Update to Windows phone 8.1 then in theme go to background images and choose one of them.

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