Microsoft Lumia 640 Tips and Tricks

If you prefer not to have the ‘Sent from my Windows Phone’ message at the bottom of emails, then here is how to remove it:

Go into Mail and press the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen. Select Settings and change it there

This is useful if you don’t want people to know that emails are being sent from your phone.

It is possible to take a screenshot using Windows Phone however the process has changed from Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 8.1. Below we have described both methods for clarity:

Windows Phone 8 – Simply press and hold the Windows key and the Power key together. You might need to hold it for a second or so until the phone registers the combination. You should hear a click sound.

To view the screenshot, then go to Photos – Albums – Screenshots. They should be saved as PNG files.

Windows Phone 8.1 – If you try the above method on this version of WP, then you will see a warning that the combo has changed. The new combination is as follows: Press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys together. As above, you may need to hold for a second or so.

To rate your applications to help other users, go to the Applications list. Then Press and Hold on the app. Select Rate and review and give it a rating out of five

To move a tile to another location, simply press and hold a tile. Then drag it to another location

Go to your Photos App. Then swipe left for Albums. Then press and hold on the Camera Roll. Press Delete contents. Then press Delete again to confirm that you are sure to do this.

WARNING: This will remove ALL photos, so be sure you really want to do this.

When browsing on your phone you may notice images can be quite blurry or distorted. This is because your network provider is compressing the images before they are downloaded on to your device.

Unfortunately there is no way to override this, but if you have a Wi-Fi connection nearby, then you can turn that on. This will mean that all image downloads come through the Wi-Fi connection, rather than your carrier, and the images should appear normally.

Go to Settings – Applications – Phone to display your number

The phone has a Facebook application, but you can also integrate Facebook with the phone operating system. First you need to setup your account. Go to Settings – Email & accounts and set it up there

If you want to change the text (or font) on your phone, then go to Settings – Ease of Access.

From here you can move a horizontal bar to change the font size. You will also see some other accessibility options like high contrast and TTY/TDD.

If you want to add or change languages on your phone, then go to Settings – Language+region.

Here you can choose languages and download / install if necessary. You can then jump between languages easily from this menu.