Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Custom ringtones, alarms, sms notifications

Android 4.1.1 (Jellybean)
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Factory OS: Android 4.1.1 (Jellybean)

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Custom ringtones, alarms, sms notifications

To use custom ringtones for your phone ringtone, your alarm or your text message notification, simply copy an MP3 file to one of the following folders:

If they don’t already exist, then create a new folder.

The file will then show up when you want to change your ringtones.

For Ringtones go to Settings – Sound – Phone ringtone
For Text Messages go to – Settings – Sound – Notification ringtone
For Alarm, set the sound when you add a new alarm

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  • Errol

    This cannot be done. My attempts to create such named folders were rejected because they contain invalid characters ( the “/” marks)

  • You need to create a folder called “notifications” (without the quote marks) in the folder called: /sdcard/media/audio/

  • Ali

    Can somebody please guide me how to access media storage for selecting ring tones…i cant as by mistake i pressed always option while selecting ring tone from sd card