Samsung Galaxy Note Tips and Tricks

Android 2.3
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note
Factory OS: Android 2.3

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To open a web page in a new tab, find a link on a web page. Then press on it and then choose to open the site in a new tab.

While viewing your list of Contacts you can swipe from Right to Left to send a text message to the selected contact.

To add an email or phone number to your contacts from a text message, you can long-press on the email / phone number. Then select Add to contacts.

The quickest way is to pull down your Notifications bar at the top. Bluetooth and WiFi should be available there.

Alternatively, from your homescreen, press Menu – Settings – Wireless & networks. Then press WiFi settings or Bluetooth settings to enable or disable these

To bookmark a contact on your homescreen, long press on the home screen background and select Shortcuts. Then select Direct dial.

If you call someone regularly this can be useful as you will have a shortcut to them handily placed on your homescreen.

To prevent ringtones from showing up in your list of music, then create a folder called ‘ringtones” so it is in this location: /sdcard/media/ringtones.

Your music player won’t index music files in this folder

When dialing a number, or storing a number in your contacts, inserting a comma ( , ) will pause the dialing for about 2 seconds

Simply press the top-left corner of the screen

To change the contact list order, go to your Contacts and press Menu .

Then press More – Display options – Display contacts by.

Then select either First name first or Surname first.

To change the Google Navigation voice, start at the homescreen and press Menu – Settings – Voice input and output – Text-to-speech settings.

Then under the Default settings section, press Default engine.

To change the language, go through the same process, but instead of Default engine, select Language.

If you prefer a different voice when listening to the Google Maps voice navigation, you can also select another language or accent.