Windows Phone 8 Tips and Tricks

To clear your browsing history so that no one can see which websites you have been browsing, go to Settings – Applications – Search.

Then select Delete History

To quickly access your Favourites, simply start typing the name or URL of them in the URL bar. They will then appear there. This can be faster than going into Favourites manually.

Because of the touch screen sensitivity, it can be hard to position the cursor within a certain word. To get around this, Press and Hold on a word. While dragging the cursor along the letters, pull your finger down. The cursor will move along, but you will be able to see it as your finger will be out of the way

To delete maps history, start from the homescreen and scroll to the right.

Then choose Settings – Applications. Then select Maps.

From here you can delete various parts of the maps history.

To PIN applications to your start menu then scroll across to your Applications list.

Then Press and Hold on an application. Then select Pin to start.

You can then go to your Start screen and Press and Hold to move the App around.

If you’re away from a charger and want to conserve your phone’s battery, then go to Settings – Battery Saver. A heart symbol should appear over your battery indicator.

This turns off various features such as push email, and some Apps will be prevented run in the background.

When it is turned on, you can also press Advanced at the top of the screen. From here you can choose when the feature gets automatically turned on, or whether it should be used permanently.

While in the Music player, you can enable Replay mode. Just open a Song, then press on the Album. A Replay symbol should then appear.

To Copy text to the clipboard (to paste later), then simply press and hold on some text. Then drag the two end circles to select all the text you want. You can pinch and zoom if it makes this easier.

Once you have copied your text, you can then paste it using the Clipboard option (which should appear about the keyboard).

To change the homescreen background to white, then start from the homescreen and scroll to the right.

Then choose Settings – Theme.

You can then change the theme from dark/black to light/white.

OneNote is a great App for taking notes and syncs them on the Cloud and across all devices that you have OneNote setup for.

To set this up, go to your App Drawer and load OneNote. From here you can make, edit or share notes. To search for specific notes you can use the magnifying glass and press the + key to add a new note.