Huawei Ascend W1 Tips and Tricks

Windows Phone 8
Phone: Huawei Ascend W1
Factory OS: Windows Phone 8

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To move a tile to another location, simply press and hold a tile. Then drag it to another location

To find an address on maps, then go to a location by panning and zooming.

Then Press and Hold on a location to drop a pin.

This will give you the address of the location you have selected.

Bing Vision is a great tool which works in a similar way to the QR / Barcode scanner on some phones.

Open the Bing Vision App and it will use phone’s camera to take a phone of an object, product, book etc. It will then scan any text on the object and search for relevant information. It can also translate the text into another language.

Any example might be to scan the cover of a book. Vision will search for the book and provide you a price comparison from various book sellers.

To PIN people to your start menu, go to your People list and find the person you want to add.

Then Press and Hold on an item and select Pin to start

While playing a song, press the Album cover. This will then give you the option to rate the song. Press the heart to Love It. Press it again to Hate It. Then when you sync your phone, it won’t sync the music you don’t like

If your phone is on standby, there is an option where if you hold down the camera button it will wake the phone up and launch directly into the camera app. This is great if you want to snap a photo quickly.

From the homescreen, scroll to the right and choose Settings – Applications. Then find Pictures + Camera. Then turn the top option to on.

The phone’s Browser is designed to use as much of the phone’s screen as possible, however this means the status bar is usually hidden.

To quickly view the status bar with Time, Battery Indicator and Signal Strength, quickly press More (…) or the Address Bar. This will show the bar. Alternatively you can press and hold the More button and drag it up slightly to reveal the status bar. Drag it down again to discard it.

To delete multiple emails, then open your mail App so you are viewing your list of emails. Then tap the Left side of the screen.

A menu will slide out to the right, displaying some tick boxes.

Tick the emails you want to delete and then press the Rubbish bin icon.

To get accents while typing in non-English languages, just Press and Hold the appropriate character. For example if you want the French a with an accent, press and hold the a button.

To protect your phone from kids, Windows Phone comes with a Kids Corner feature.

To activate it, go to Settings – Kids Corner and enable it. You can then enable or disable certain content that you want to prevent access to. Options include games, videos, music and apps.

Once it is setup, swipe from Right to Left and you should see Kids Corner. And then swipe Down to Up to remove the Lock Screen.