Sony Xperia Miro - Take a screenshot

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Phone: Sony Xperia Miro
Factory OS: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

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Take a screenshot

To take a screen shot, hold down the Volume Down and Power Buttons together. This will save the current screen to your phone’s memory card.

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11 responses to “Take a screenshot”

  1. dora says:

    it works!!! thanks!

  2. lovepeacehappiness says:

    Doesnt work -.- :(

  3. Momo Inu says:

    It doesn’t work in my xperia j :-(

  4. Angel Rampel says:

    how can i off the sound? hope for response. tnx!

  5. shannon_ says:

    It worked once but not again :/

  6. Milt Aldiniz says:


  7. IKAY says:

    Seems like it wont work on 4.0.4 :/ Where are the picutres saved? The same place like photos?

  8. nigen says:

    How can i change the storage of snapshotted photos in sony miro?

  9. nokachi says:

    Itdoesnt work!!! What do i do?;(

  10. Naira says:

    thanks a lot :)

  11. P says:

    Thanks :) really useful

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