Adsesne Tips

If you are a website or blog owner, you have probably heard how people are making money from their sites. One popular word that you might have encountered when it comes to the monetization of the websites is Google Adsense. When creating a web, there is a specific class of people that you target to reach. If you want to maximize on the earnings of such a website, just add Adsense to the webpages then relax. Google Adsense will scan through you web contents then bring ads that are somehow related to the specific users of your website. Just adding Adsense is not enough, you need to know how to use it. Here are some sure tips that will help you get more from the Adsense.

Update your site regularly

Don't stay with the same old content for long regardless of how hot the details of the content are. Keep your site new and fresh by regularly updating it with new content. New content on the website will keep the end-users coming again hence increasing chances of them clicking on the ads. One sure way of implementing this practice is by posting new content on a daily basis

Use Stronger Keywords

Another sure way of ensuring that you gain more from Adsense is by using better, stronger and effective keywords. This can be achieved by using less competitive but more meaningful keywords in your content. The good news is that there is a tool that can help you to achieve this an it is called Google AdWards keyword planner. The tool can help you to find words that are less competitive and in turn you will use those words in your content to enhance your performance.

Healthy Keyword Density

Ensure that you monitor keyword density of your article or any other content so as to increase the Search Engine Ranking of your website and in turn get more traffic. Keyword density is a major determinant factor of how the web content is relevant to the target users and also their likelihood of visiting the site. The density will also determine the kind of ads that you will be given. You should be careful with the keyword density so as to prevent your site from being blacklisted as spam.

Use the best Adsense formats

When it comes to Google Adsense, there are different formats that one can choose from. The choice of the format depends on how you want the ad to appear on your website. You would either want the banner to take a particular shape while on top of the webpage and another shape while on the side. Some of the formats that you should consider using include 300 by 250 medium rectangle ads, 160 by 600 skycraper and 336 by 280 large rectangle. Or you could use an automated ad optimization platform.
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Good positioning

Position the ads in such a way that they can be easily clicked by a visitor who is browsing through the webpage. The ads should be well positioned where the visitor will see them and even click on them.

Limit on the number of ads

Your website or a blog had its original purpose as to why it was created. Don't be taken over by the ads in a such a way that you fill your web with many ads. Visitors on your website can be scared or even bored by such and in such situation, their likelihood of coming back is minimal. Focus on the content then ads.

Color Matching

Look at how the color of the ads blends with the color of your website. Users are likely to click on something that does not look like an ad but instead looks like it is part of the website. Ensure that the text, background, border and links of the ads have a color which matches with the color of your website

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