Google adsense Revenue

Google adsense is a pay per click service that was founded in 2003, by Google. The service allows website owners and bloggers to monetize their pages by including related ads which are paid for after each click on an advert. The adsense revenue can also be generated per impression instead of per click. Google ads appearing on a website are usually related to the content and/ or the location of a person reading the content. The fact that one can simply run their website or blog and money simply flows into their bank account is probably the reason why many web owners choose to enlist the service. Although many more adsense alternatives have come up, adsense still holds the majority of bloggers, website owners and even advertizers.

How to set it up

Opening an adsense account is a very simple process. And not just that, it is free. 

In the sign up page for AdSense, you will need to create a Google account. If you have one already, you can use it instead of going through the entire process. Alternatively, you can use your business email address with your own specific domain eg. Then you will go to the second step where you have to fill some information about your content (Blog or website) and the language you use to create content.

The third step involves contact information and the preferred account and name you wish to use for money transfers and payments. It is important to fill official information only as this could affect your payments.

Finally, you will need to check the adsense policies and accept them.

Once you are approved, you will add adsense codes to your site and then your account will be activated, then Google will send you an adsense pin. To finally get paid, you will also have to submit tax information.

Adsense Revenue

Before you actually get an adsense pin, your account must hit 10 USD. Only then will Google send an adsense pin to your account. Withdrawal of funds can only be done when your account has 100 USD. AdSense revenue is paid out to bank accounts or through EFT. The forms of payment do not apply similarly to every country as each country has different modes of payment advanced to different levels. 

Adsense revenue is usually only considerable for sites with large traffic as this will translate to more clicks on ads. The amount of money you earn for every click is estimated at anything from 1 cent on the US dollar to 1 US dollar. If you would like to learn how to increase your adsense revenue, then follow this link or read on.

How to Increase your Adsense Revenue

Traffic cannot be overstated in making money through adsense. To increase your adsense revenue, create unique and well thought out content so as to drive more traffic to your site. 

Setting up custom channels can also help you figure out what works and what is just wasting your time. Basically, custom channels will help you know where to focus your energy. 

Placing your ads higher on your page as opposed to lower down can also help people respond to the ad. Pay attention to the position of the ads as they should also not destruct readers at a point where it could become irritating. However much you need someone to click an ad, remember that traffic is key in adsense and if you drive people away with your vigorous advertising methods, you will be the reason why it all fails.

This website uses a system called Ezoic, which is the market leader in ad layout optimization. As we have seen such success with optimizing adsense, we have decided to share a number of short artitlces about how adsense works.

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