Adsense Alternatives

Web publishers, video makers and application designers can all make money through the Google AdSense advertising placement service. The service is mostly used by bloggers and website owners who wish to make some money by selling advertising space on their websites or blogs. The process is simple, and this is what makes many people choose the adsense service as opposed to actually selling ad space directly to advertisers. All you need to do is open a free Google adsense account and related ads in form of text, images or videos will appear on your blog, website, application or videos. Any clicks or impressions made on an ad that appears on your site drives some cash into your account. The trick is that the content and the ad must always be related and you only earn money when someone clicks on an advert.

Pros of using the Google AdSense Program

At the top of the list is the fact that you do not do any work other than open an adsense account. You don’t even have to go out and choose ads that you think fit your site as is the case with a good number of other pay per click ad services. Google provides all these for you. You can then add content to your media regularly and money keeps trickling into your account. In fact, there are lots of people on the internet today who make thousands of US dollars every month through Google ads.

You can also run one adsense account with more than one website listed. Most other ppc (pay per click) ad programs lack this feature.

The ads appearing on your website can be customized to match the style of your site.

Also, you can spend most of your time doing what you love most; in this case, creating content for your site. Monetizing your site using Google adsense program require very little time apart from creating an account. To really learn more about optimising, see our article on ad split testing:

Cons of using Google adsense

The pay per click is very low; sometimes estimated at 10 cents on the US dollar. In a low traffic site, Google adsense would really be a waste of time. Other ppc services sort this issue to some level by having better rates per click.

You never get to know which ads are being clicked and which ones never get clicked. This information would be important for one to know what direction to focus their content on.

You can only receive your money once your account reaches 100 USD.

Alternatives to Google Adsense

If you feel like the Google adsense program will not serve you well enough, here are other adsense alternatives:

Media Net

Run jointly by Yahoo and Bing, this could be the primary rival to adsense. Media Net gives you the capacity to see the ads that are getting clicked most.

7search is an ad service that caters to the lower traffic sites.


Chitika can be used at the same time as other as services. It has similarly low rates per click but you can receive your money on paypal as soon as you hit 10 USD.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant media offers one of the highest pay rates in the ppc ad service world. However, only a chosen few sites get accepted into the system.


If your site is focused on a vertical market, this is the ideal service for you. Wider content sites getting at least a half a million views per month can also benefit from the higher pay rates offered by this service. You actually set the price of your ad clicks yourself.

Additional Info
This website uses a system called Ezoic, which is the market leader in ad layout optimization. As we have seen such success with optimizing adsense, we have decided to share a number of short artitlces about how adsense works.

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