Android Tips and Tricks

To access the scientific calculator, rotate the phone to landscape mode.

The calculator will change to a scientific one.

To stop the Photo app or the Music player from indexing your files, place a blank text file called .nomedia in the folder

To show the Browser History, press the Star in the top right corner of the browser. Then press History.

This will only work in the standard Android browser.

Android manages your applications so if the phone is running low on memory, it will close the oldest running App.

If you do need to manually close an application go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Running. Choose the application you want to stop and select Force Stop.

To clear your browser cache and cookies, open your browser and press Menu – More – Settings.

Then select Clear Cache / Clear all cookie data / Clear history / Clear form data.

When dialing a number, or storing a number in your contacts, inserting a comma ( , ) will pause the dialing for about 2 seconds

To remove numbers from the call log that you don’t want anyone seeing, then open your Call Log.

This will normally be found on your Apps list or you can also go to your Dialer and find Logs or Call Logs.

Then press and hold on the contact you want to remove. When the Menu appears, press Delete.

If you receive a call you cannot take (eg if you’re in a meeting) you can send a text reply rather than just reject the call. When you receive the call, scroll up from the bottom and select a reject message

While in the standard Music Player, press on the song title of the music and a menu will appear.

From here you search Youtube by the Title (song), Biography (artist) or Discography (album).

To change the contact list order, go to your Contacts and press Menu .

Then press More – Display options – Display contacts by.

Then select either First name first or Surname first.