Tips & Tricks Tips and Tricks

Press K on homescreen

The Blackberry Twitter application integrates Twitter with your emails. This means that Tweets will appear in your inbox unless you deactivate it. To do this, Open the Twitter go to Application – Menu – Options. Then uncheck Integrate in Messages Application

Press Left or Right Shift and click the trackpad

Shift + Space is Up. Space is Down

R – Reply
L – Reply to all
F – Forward
I – File an email
N – Next Message
P – Previous Message
Q (when highlighting the To or From fields) – View or Hide Email Address

I – Zoom In
O – Zoom Out
N – Move to the next direction
P – Move to the previous direction

Try setting the typing rate to Medium Fast

When entering text press Alt + Scroll Left to jump to the start of the line, or Alt + Scroll Right to jump to the end of the line