Tips & Tricks Tips and Tricks

The Convenience Key is under the volume key on the right side of the phone. To change go to Options – Convenience Key and choose an application

C – Schedule Appointment
A – Switch to Agenda View
D – Change to Day View
W – Change to Week View
M – Change to Month View
Space – Move to the Next period (day, week, month)
Shift + Space – Move to the Previous period (day, week, month)
T – Move to the today’s date
G – Move to a specific date

Press Alt and X. Then type the extension

Press the Left or Right Shift key and press Space

Zoom In – Press I. Zoom Out – Press O. Or double tap the screen

To view a sender’s email address, go to the Messages application – Open the email – Press the Contact – Press Q

From the Homescreen simply start typing the name of an Applicaion. If you have Homescreen Shortcuts enabled, then press S first, then type the application you want