Tips & Tricks Tips and Tricks

Options – Security – Security Wipe. Choose what you want to remove. Then type blackberry in the box and press Wipe

Options – Display – Owner. Enter text you would like to display

To create speed dials for frequently called numbers go to Options – Call Management – Speed Dial Numbers. Then choose the letter you would like to set for that contact. Then select the Contact you would like to use. Then you can press and hold that letter for the speed dial

Press Alt while clicking the trackpad

If you’re worried about losing some phone numbers, then a good idea is back them up to the SIM card. To do this, press Contacts – Select the contact – Highlight the phone number you want to backup – Press Menu – Select Copy to SIM Phone Book

To clear the recently browsed sites from your phone, go to your Browser – Menu – Options – Clear Browsing Data. Then tick the appropriate options and press Clear Now

To see how free memory your phone has, go to Options – Device – Storage

To increase battery life, you can set the screen to timeout quicker. Go to Options – Display – Screen Components – Backlight Timeout. Then select a value from the list

To change the default font size for the phone, go to Options – Display – Screen Components. Then choose the font size you would like