Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Tips and Tricks

Android 2.3
Phone: Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500
Factory OS: Android 2.3

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While the stock standard keyboard is fine, there are much better keyboards available. First, you need to go to the Play Store and download one. Try searching for the word ‘keyboard’ and you will see a number of options.

One of the best keyboards is a keyboard called Swiftkey, which is a top-rate App.

Download your chosen keyboard and go through any install steps that you are presented with.

If you see a warning saying the keyboard will collect all information (including credit cards) just ignore this. This is just a security feature that Android shows for every third-party keyboard that you install.

To delete all contacts, there a number of methods you might need to try. Note that the first two of these may be disabled on some networks/carriers, or Android versions.

1) Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications. Then chose All at the top. Then scroll down to Contacts Storage – B21Clear Data.

2) Go to Contacts. Then press Menu – Delete. Then press Select all (at the top) and then Delete again.

3) Go to Settings – Accounts and sync. Then untick Background data and Auto-sync. Then go to Gmail (or an account that your phone syncs with) and delete all of your Contacts from there. Then re-sync your phone.

4) Download an App called ‘Delete All Contacts’ and use that as a last resort.

These methods above will delete contacts from the Phone only, not the SIM card.

To disable mobile view for websites, open your Browser and go to Menu – More – Settings – Untick ‘Mobile View’.

This option may be disabled on some phones or carriers.

If so, then download the Dolphin browser from the Android Marketplace.

Then open Dolphin – Menu – More – Settings – User Agent. Then select Desktop.

A similar option should be available with the Firefox, Opera or other third-party browsers.

Rather than having to locate the hang up icon on the screen after each call, you can quickly end a call by pressing the Power button. It will not turn off the screen though.

To enable this, go to Settings – Accessibility – Power button ends call.

Note: Depending on which firmware you are running, you may need to update your firmware to see this feature.

Aside from using a third party app, there are two standard ways to remove applications.

1) Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications, then choose the application you want to close and select Uninstall.

2) Go to Market – Downloads. Choose the application you want to remove and select uninstall

To turn off predictive text, go to Settings – Language and Keyboard – Touch Input – Text Input – Prediction.

Then select On or Off

If you would prefer not to be told every time an Application has been updated, open the Android Market – Menu – My Apps. Then Menu again. Then Settings. Under General settings, untick the Notifications option.

To add pauses when dialing numbers, or storing numbers in your contacts, then insert a comma ( , ) when entering the number.

This will pause the dialling for about 2 seconds.

If you want to remove an entire text message thread, go into Messages and look for the thread. Then long press on it and select Delete thread

It is important to regularly check for firmware updates to your operating system software. This will mean your phone is protected against bugs and security flaws, and may mean you will see extra features.

To manually check for the latest firmware update for your phone, go to Menu – Settings – About phone – Software update.

From here you can press Update to check for updates. Or you can turn on Auto update whereby the phone will tell you when a firmware update is available to download.


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