Nokia X7 - Hard (factory) reset

Hard (factory) reset

Warning: This will erase ALL data on your phone (although not memory card)

There are two ways to restore your phone to it’s factory settings:
If your phone is working fine, then go to Menu – Settings – Phone – Phone management – Factory settings – Delete data and restore

If your phone has frozen, then hold down the power button for 8 seconds. This should turn the phone off. Try turning it on normally again to see if that solves the problem you are having. If not, then to hard reset it, hold down the Volume down + Camera key + Menu key. Then while holding them down, hold the Power button. The phone will then shake to indicate it’s rebooting.


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  • Star786_ali

    now phone ,is phone start up failed

  • Inicholson

    turn it off, or pull the battery out and re-insert it”

    Mine’s frozen – I can’t turn it off, because it’s frozen!

    I can’t take the battery out, because it’s an X7!

  • I’ve updated the tip. Try that.

  • Zneret_20

    Thanks, it works!

  • THANKS …. U BEST!!!!!!!

  • Chitalu


  • Ronakmobilemakrana


  • Jinniboi

    press and hold power key + menu key for about 9sec. (force reboot)

  • Aaron

    Hello, I paid a NOKIA X7, but the problem is that I do not find any more the internal memory HOW CAN IT BE DONE ? URGENT

  • Saini

    It worked.. Thanks.. Surprisingly, the service provider’s tech support guy could not help me with..

  • raj

    thank you very very much

  • Muhammad azeem

    when i make call on x7 its screen turns off. solve this problem

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